Monday, January 31, 2011

Terms of Service

Before we continue to give the details ,u must and  should follow the below rules ,any violation may cause your Account to Get Banned and we are not responsible for your Payment in that case

1)User Registration fee is absolutely Non-Refundable under any circumstances

2)User should Withdraw the Payment from us Atleast one time a week .This is strict criteria to follow to be a member with us

3)User should provides us with correct Bank Details or PayPal or Liberty Reserve account,for withdrawing your Payment,and we are not responsible for wrong information given to us in this case

4) We are not responsible for your Priority Level which ranges from 0 to 9.Priority is set up as 4 at the time of registration

5)About Priority(Applies only to Pix software)

Note::1) Priority determines/tells u how often you get CAPTCHAS

         2) 0 is the best Priority and 9 is the worst Priority .If your Priority decreases from 4 to 0 ,it indicates that you are doing Good.

           and if your Priority increases from 4 to 9 ,it indicates you are not performing good.

         3) If your Priority is above 6 you should inform us ,so that we can give u an alternative to this.That mean we can give you upto maximum of 2 IDs if required

Note(Effective from 13/01/2011)::All the Earlier Statistics will not be taken into consideration towards payment ,once the User request for a New IDs.So it completely the User Responsibility to take care of his/her account Priority and its control or maintainance.

Example::If an user enter 120 pictures/captchas in his 1st Account and his priority goes up like 7 and now when the User requests for a new account his Pictures will be setup to '0' ,


To put in simple word user has to again work from the beginning

No need to worry about Priority level ,if user enter CAPTCHAS correctly and with in stipulated time definitely user will be doing good and will earn more in this Program

6)User should gives to us your valid permanent contact number (Mobile Number ) in International Format or valid Email Address ,so that we can be in touch with user when ever required

Note::We have every right to change or modify the above mentioned " Terms and Conditions " at any time without prior notice.It is the User responsibility to have an eye on these on timely basis

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